We'll be back in a jiffy.
In the meantime, check out:

Roy Kesey
In an ultra-rare San Francisco appearance
(because he normally kicks it in Beijing)
hosted by none other than The Glut's editor.

7 p.m. Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Valencia Street Books
569 Valencia between 16th and 17th, San Francisco
Reading and booksigning for Nothing in the World.

Which, by the way, you can buy direct
from Bullfight Media, or
from Amazon or
from Powell's.

Roy will also be reading in New York, Los Angeles,
San Diego and Ukiah.


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The Sexy Stranger mini-zines are now
out of print, but here's what was in 'em.

Sexy Stranger #1
(Cat Aboudara, Blake Butler, Mr. King,
Thomas Roberge, Zachary Wrobel)

Sexy Stranger #2
(Rachel Ahmed, Blake Butler, Darby Larson,
Magdalen Powers, Liz Tascio, Jensen Whelan)

Sexy Stranger #3
(Kerann Christopherson, Michael Fowler, Kyle Hebert,
James Tascio, Zachary Wrobel, J. Howard Zeringue)

Sexy Stranger #4
(Alan C. Baird, Patricia Ducey, Avital Gad-Cykman,
Daniel Flores, Guadiana, Lisa McMann, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz,
Patrick Sexton, Denis Taillefer, Catherine Talley)

Sexy Stranger #5
(David Erlewine, Michael Fowler, Leigh Hughes,Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz,
Thomas J. Misuraca, Magdalen Powers, Kevin Sampsell, Jensen Whelan)

NOTE: The Glut is no longer taking submissions/subscriptions for Sexy Stranger.

Awarded to the oustanding story containing these three elements:

1) An old man who needs help;
2) mothballs that have been eaten; and
3) a tragic, comic, or tragi-comic resolution.

Liz Tascio (winner)

Dustin Glick (finalist)
Jason Johnson (finalist)
Jeffrey Yamaguchi (finalist)

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